With Widespread Support, Lopez Obrador Wins Mexico’s Presidency


Mr Trump has congratulated the President-elect on his victory and tweeted he was looking forward to working with him and the pair have had a lengthy phone conversation.

Leftist candidate Lopez Obrador won the July 1 presidential election in Mexico by a significant margin. If he makes headway against those problems, he will help create for the USA a stronger, more reliable neighbor and trading partner.

After Trump won the election, Mexican attempts to please the new administration reached unprecedented levels. We need to delay until after the midterm elections. Consequently, President Carlos Salinas de Gortari signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994, starting a new era of economic cooperation between Mexico and the US. Trump has proposed requiring automobile parts from Mexico come from plants paying workers higher wages, to discourage companies from outsourcing jobs for cheaper labor.

Trudeau has said he plans to stay in touch with the outgoing Mexican president, but hopes to work closely with the country's new president to "build on the vibrant partnership between our two countries".

Many voters say they are sick of both the PRI and the PAN, the parties that have governed Mexico for almost a century.

Lopez Obrador, a left-leaning former mayor of Mexico City, is not telling Mexicans anything most don't already believe when he says that strategy has been a failure.

With almost three-quarters of the ballots counted, Lopez Obrador had about 53 per cent of the vote - the most for any presidential candidate since 1982, a time when the Institutional Revolutionary Party was in its 71-year domination of Mexican politics and ruling party victories were a given.

A prominent exit poll predicted his party allies were poised to score big victories in congressional and governorship races.

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The Texas Association of Business was making plans Monday to travel with a large business and political delegation to either Mexico City or Monterrey this summer to meet with Lopez Obrador's transition team."We want to be very, very clear of our strong Texas-Mexico trade relations", said Jeff Mosely, CEO of the association, which past year formed the Texas-Mexico Trade Coalition to help lobbying efforts between both sides. The PRI, which dominated Mexican politics for almost the entire 20th century and recaptured the presidency in 2012, was set to suffer heavy losses not just for the presidency but in other races as well.

He also once referred to Mr Trump as "erratic" and "arrogant" at a rally in Mexico City, NPR reported and also criticised Mr Trump's campaign promise to build a wall and said: "we won't allow his wall or mistreatment of our fellow migrants in the USA".

"Congratulations to Andres Manuel López Obrador, the newly elected president of Mexico".

"Lopez Obrador said he would "seek to establish an authentic democracy and we do not intend to establish a dictatorship". They noted the importance of participation by the people, "always with respect for human rights and the authentic common good".

"There will be no confiscation or expropriation of assets".

Much remains to be determined about how Lopez Obrador's often nebulous campaign proposals will manifest themselves in government.

Candidates Ricardo Anaya and Jose Antonio Meade both said they were expecting to be celebrating when polls close later Sunday. And rather than the use of force to fight spiraling violence, he will look to fix root causes such as inequality and poverty. The former Mexico City mayor, who has held double-digit leads in polling for months, campaigned on increased social spending and opposition to private investment in the country's energy sector.