'Disrespectful': The Aussie act that may have fuelled 'basket-brawl'


Goulding went down and Boomers teammate Daniel Kickert approached Pogoy and appeared to land a left elbow into his face, what followed was a violent brawl between players from both sides and some crowd members with some seen to be brandishing chairs, bins and other nearby items.

Boomer Daniel Kickert retaliated by throwing an elbow towards Pogoy's head, which lead to the Filipino bench taking to the court for an all-hands-on-deck fight.

The Gilas players were quick to respond, with Jayson Castro memorably launching himself off the floor for a punch at Kickert while Andray Blatche shoved other Australian players.

A statement from the chief executive of Basketball Australia noted that they "deeply regret" the "incident".

He added: "This is not the spirit in which sport should be played and certainly not in the spirit in which we aim to play basketball". While we accept our role in the incident, what we don't accept is when fans and officials get involved.

SBP, in its statement, said it also intends to "review the incident comprehensively and await the decision of FIBA with respect to the disciplinary proceedings on the matter".

The Philippines had to play on with only three players when the game resumed, while Australia had eight so could still field a full team of five.

Scheduled post-match press conferences for both teams were cancelled in the aftermath of the incident.

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After the first round, Australia topped the grouping with a 5-1 record while the Philippines finished second at 4-2.

Moldovan said he had seen his fair share of on-court fights in his time - but nothing like this.

The final score is listed as 89-53 to Australia on the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) website, but in the end fans of a good brawl were the winners.

"The way in which we want the game to be projected is severely compromised".

Moore revealed on Monday that Basketball Australia made a swift apology said it their actions could not be used as an excuse for player-on-player violence. "I don't know why it was allowed to continue", he said.

However, Moore confirmed the Boomers may have unwittingly riled the hosts by tearing up advertising boards that players had slipped on the day before the game.

Meanwhile, Moore - like many observers - was left puzzled by the actions of the Philippines team straight after the fighting stopped.

The timeline for that process is not yet clear but Moore said Basketball Australia's immediate priority was the welfare of the team and getting the players home safely. The game was called off after the remaining Philippines players fouled themselves out, with Australia declared the victor 89-53.