Panos Panay fingers LG Display as screen supplier for the Surface Phone


The emails talk about an internal project Microsoft has been working on, a new Surface device, codenamed Andromeda.

According to the emails, it will be a "new and disruptive" product category, aiming to blur the lines between what we now consider as a PC and a mobile device, potentially alluding to more desktop-like capabilities being available.

As we told you earlier today, a leaked internal Microsoft document indicates that the Andromeda project is indeed a pocketable Surface device that will be "new and disruptive". It's supposed to be released this year, so expect it to appear somewhere this Autumn. While the device is still being designed in secret, it apparently has a wraparound display that bridges the gap of the hinge when opened.

Alas, Andromeda, if it's indeed real, is still being developed inside Microsoft, and there's still the possibility of things changing. The report further suggests that device is expected to launch in 2018, with some of Microsoft's partner OEM's planning to follow suit with a dual-screen device. Prototype Andromeda devices are powered by ARM processors, though considering their experimental nature, it is not yet known whether Microsoft will choose Intel or Qualcomm for the final product if it comes to fruition, that is.

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"It will blur the lines between mobile and stationary computing", the document adds. There have been rumors of a Surface Phone in the past but that has yet to be revealed, assuming that it is still in the works.

He posted the above picture on Twitter, thanking LG Display for the diptych.

Microsoft's Surface range could one day include a folding, dual-screen device. The company is also experimenting with a stylus input method, so that users can fold over the device like a book and the pen can be used to write down stuff.