Apple iOS 12 public beta: How to install, top features, and more


But don't forget, it's a beta.

When is the real version coming out?: If you're not so into trying things before they're fully baked, Apple will be coming out with a full version of iOS 12 sometime in the fall. Do note iOS 12 public beta 1 is the same version as iOS 12 beta 2 for developers. It's a good way to fix as many bugs as possible and gather data from a large group of users.

Again though, it's a beta, and you should proceed with caution. The new software includes a feature called Screen Time, which will give you a detailed breakdown of how much time you're spending on your iPhone or iPad and over what apps. Unlike the developer betas, which can have major bugs that interfere with core features, Apple's public betas are generally more stable (but not completely bug-free). Proceed with extreme caution. Head over to Apple's beta website and download the configuration profile. If you haven't been an Apple beta tester before, you'll need to sign up. Downtime, another setting, allows you to set blocks of time where you can only use authorized apps, to keep your distractions down. The final iOS 12 comes out this September, so we're going to have plenty of beta testing until then.

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Here's a quick rundown of what's new in iOS 12. We also have an iOS 12 screenshot gallery below.

You can get an overview of the other new features in tvOS 12 here. You also can turn on Do Not Disturb when you're in a meeting, for a few hours or for longer. There are also updates to the Stocks app, Siri, Augmented Reality (AR), and iMessage.

Nowhere near as drastic a redesign as last year's iOS 11, the twelfth edition of Apple's popular mobile platform is primarily focused on improving your iPhone and iPad's system stability, speed and "digital health".