The Senate passed the pot bill. What happens now?


The adoption in the Senate of Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, means that a legal, multibillion-dollar industry is set to appear in Canada, which will join Uruguay as one of the few countries where cannabis is legal nationwide.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the date Wednesday during the last question period in the House of Commons before MPs departed for a three-month summer break.

Canada is the second country in the world to legalize marijuana, paving the way for recreational sales throughout the country. But most provinces have raised the minimum age to 19, often in accordance with the legal drinking age.

JZSCanada's law allows possession of up to 30 grams (about an ounce) by adults 18 and older, who also may share that amount with other adults and grow up to four plants at home.

The country's postal service said in a statement that it will deliver regulated recreational marijuana, following the same policies such as proof of age upon delivery, according to ABC News.

Starting with Colorado and Washington in 2012, nine USA states and the District of Columbia have now legalized marijuana for adult use.

The Senate gave final passage to Trudeau's bill to legalize cannabis on Tuesday.

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Justin Trudeau tweeted that because it's too easy for kids to buy weed, "criminals reap the profits".

"When you normalize the use of marijuana and you're a young person and you had certain reservations because of the simple fact that it was illegal, there's, I believe, a propensity to have somebody be more inclined to use it".

Megan MacRae, executive director of human resources at the Toronto Transit Commission, discusses how Canada's biggest mass transit is preparing for the legalization of recreational cannabis. Those caught selling marijuana to a minor could face stiff penalties of up to 14 years in jail.

On pardons for the hundreds of thousands of Canadians with prior marijuana convictions, Trudeau said it would be "illogical" to consider the issue before the new law comes into effect.

The new bill, known as The Cannabis Act, controls and regulates how the drug is grown, distributed and sold. Today, we change that.

While provinces can increase the minimum age, the intent is to continue to discourage Canadian youth from pot use, by establishing numerous same restrictions that exist for cigarettes and other tobacco products. When his government introduced Bill C-45 in April 2017, its backers framed it as an effort to discourage consumption among youth, while also crushing the illegal market.

Canadian lawmakers approved landmark legislation on Tuesday to fully legalize marijuana.