UK PM calls U.S. images of migrant children 'deeply disturbing'


'A range of issues about our shared interests and I think it is important that when we see the President of the United States here in the United Kingdom we are able to have those discussions'. It's very important, very symbolic.

In May's response, she referred to Trump only by his title, and suggested that her meeting with the president of the United States would be an opportunity to raise the issue with him.

However, May said nothing about withdrawing the invitation she extended to Trump.

"He's also a racist demagogue who is a danger to women, immigrants and minorities and a mortal threat to world peace and the very future of life on earth".

Trump has always been a controversial figure in Britain and has called into question the state of U.S.

Originally, Trump was invited for a full state visit but after an outcry, it was downgraded to a working visit.

He was expected to open the U.S. embassy in London this February, but cancelled the visit after he criticized former President Obama's administration on the particular location.

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Many have called for the PM to cancel the President's trip altogether, but that seems highly unlikely.

On social media, news of the meeting did not go down well.

Mr Khan found himself on the receiving end of one of Mr Trump's angry tweets past year after the deadly terror attack at London Bridge and Borough Market.

Following the attack, in which three attackers killed eight people and wounded 48, Mr Kahn told Londoners they would see an increased police presence and urged people not to be alarmed by the extra officers. "This is not something that we agree with", May said.

Ms May described images of children in cages as "deeply disturbing".

Trump told Republican lawmakers Tuesday he backed their efforts to craft an immigration solution that ends the politically toxic practice of separating families on the US-Mexico border. The petition had the support of London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has criticized Trump's proposal to ban people from Muslim-majority countries.

The Prime Minister, who has been under pressure to condemn the immigration practices adopted in the United States, said images appearing to show children being held in cages were "deeply disturbing".