Japanese fans tidy up stadium after win over Colombia


One video showed hordes of fans in blue jerseys throwing trash into garbage bags. Japan defeated the 2014 quarter-finalists 2-1 and Senegal gave the African continent some cheer at last with a 2-1 win over Poland on Tuesday.

The Egyptian team had been playing against Uruguay when the photo was taken, and despite how the spectators were only watching the game on a screen at the Federation Internationale de Football Association fan zone in Moscow, they were still more than happy to carry the disabled man on their shoulders.

Later in the day, Senegal fans were spotted picking up empty bottles and plastic snack containers after their 2-1 win over Poland. After Senegal's win, the team's fans were also seen collecting their trash.

According to a translation of the video, the Colombian man filming the Japanese fans can be heard praising the nation's culture and scolding his own people for not following their example.

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But instead of going wild in the stands and then going off to celebrate on the streets of Russian Federation, some supporters made a decision to stay behind and help clean up litter.

Japanese football fans narrowly avoided a water crisis after a stampede of halftime toilet breaks caused shortages across Tokyo. "An important aspect of Japanese society is making sure that everything is absolutely clean, and that's the case in all sporting events", sports reporter Scott McIntyre says. It is a habit drilled into citizens from a young age, with students expected to clean their school classrooms and hallways.

"But their fans instead of celebrating minutes after the game are responsible for cleaning their sector before leaving #Respect".