'Quit separating the kids!' Trump faces Democratic rage on immigration


Republicans across Capitol Hill are deeply divided over how to stop families from being separated at the border, as the House could vote as soon as Thursday on two immigration bills - the first time in years that GOP has tried to address a broad solution on the issue that has split the party.

"Trump, the GOP Congress that refuses to stand up to him, and their followers" weak attempts to claim the "pro-life" and "pro-family' mantle dissolve in the face of this latest dictate", Hogue wrote in a column Monday night.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader from NY, is adamant that Trump can end the family separations on his own and that legislation is not needed. Do you go with the President and hope it doesn't matter? But Republicans, anxious about their own re-elections, want to get this out of the way quickly. Debbie Wasserman Schultz slamming the administration after they were denied entry to a shelter in Homestead, Fla., that is housing more than 1,000 migrant teenagers.

"When you are prosecute the parents for coming in illegally - which should happen - you have to take the children away", Trump said in a speech to independent business owners in Washington, D.C. "Now, we don't have to prosecute them".

A group led by Senator Orrin Hatch have written Attorney General Jeff Sessions demanding a pause to the separations, while Senator John Cornyn was drafting what he called "emergency" legislation - backed by leadership - that would allow family units to remain intact during adjudication of their cases.

Kennedy acknowledged that addressing undocumented immigration is "a legitimately hard issue", but argued it's unacceptable for the US government to target young children.

"They're fake", he said. Expressions of moral outrage over Trump are not helpful in advancing this much-needed debate; they may yield short-term political gain for Trump's opponents, but they leave big questions regarding the openness of borders and national sovereignty unresolved. The advocacy group Kids In Need of Defense (KIND) said of the 40 case referrals involving family separation they have received since July 2017 through their child migrant return and reintegration project, 32 involved parents deported before their children and 15 of those cases involved children who were five years old or younger. Numerous children are being held in a former Walmart store in Texas.

'Of the 12,000 children, 10,000 are being sent by their parents on a very risky trip, and only 2000 are with their parents, many of whom have tried to enter our Country illegally on numerous occasions.

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Kelly went on to say that most undocumented Central Americans are "not criminals".

An audio recording was published Monday that appears to capture the voices of young children crying out for the parents at a USA immigration detention center.

The same images were captured under Presidents Obama and George W. Bush. However, Stephen Miller, Trump's senior policy adviser, liked the idea and never gave up on getting it into practice.

The Trump administration pins blame for the situation on the Flores settlement, which imposed strict conditions on the care of illegal immigrant children, and on a federal law, the Trafficking Victims Protection and Reauthorization Act.

The administration then treats the children as though they were unaccompanied, even though many crossed the border with their parents or a guardian. "Yes, I love children a great deal, but to me, it's up to the parents to do things rightfully and legally".

While at least nine other governors have curtailed their guards' involvement in the border mission, Brown has taken no move to follow suit. But a effect was that when parents were charged and taken to jails, their children couldn't follow.

While Ryan says he is "hopeful" the votes will pass, the reality is that House Republicans still have a lot of work ahead to build sufficient support to send the bill to the Senate without any Democratic support.

He wants to see action in his committee this week on a bill.

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