President Trump orders Pentagon to create a ‘separate but equal’ Space Force


He added, "The essence of the American character is to explore new horizons and to tame new frontiers". "We must have American dominance in space", Trump declared, calling it a matter of national security.

Trump has said the Space Force will be the sixth branch of the military and will establish American dominance in space.

Trump said the Air Force and future Space Force would be "separate, but equal". He specifically asked Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford to oversee the process.

Trump said the United States will "be the leader by far" in space and looks to revive the nation's flagging space program.

If formed, a Space Force would join the Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Army and Coast Guard as a branch of the military. The service now has responsibility for military space operations.

Details about the role and timing of any new space force were not immediately clear.

Aside from military objectives, the new space force would also spearhead new USA -led efforts to return to the moon and eventually launch a new exploratory mission to Mars. The US has unilaterally withdrawn from treaties before, however, and Trump could just channel Emperor Palpatine and declare, "I will make it legal".

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Nelson - who led the opposition in last year's failed attempt to establish in the annual defense policy bill a separate space corps within the Air Force - made a similar statement during a Senate Armed Services hearing in March.

The Air Force now oversees numerous military's space activities, such as the experimental X-37B spacecraft. One of its primary goals is to support the peaceful global use of space by all governments, and it seems like the Space Force would be a radically different organization.

Since then, USA efforts to explore beyond the Earth's orbit have largely focused on remote spacecraft that do not have human crew members, though American presidents have raised the idea of sending humans back to the moon or further. "What we hope to do is have a more user-friendly approach...we hope to see people get more rapid information on when they can launch, more flexibility on their launch windows going up, [and to] see satellites having to maneuver less often because of potential collision risk".

It's always been a priority of the White House to ramp up space travel and, along with it, the military industrial complex needed to combat any threats to the United States' presence in space.

President Trump on Monday threw a wrench into the Pentagon's carefully laid out plans to analyze how best to reorganize the military's space forces.

The new policy calls for providing a safe and secure environment up in orbit, as satellite traffic increases. "Separate but equal. It is going to be something, so important".

The Trump Administration would do well to let these peaceful, private initiatives develop, as opposed to crowding them out by launching the government's most bloated bureaucracy into space.