Trump takes credit after Mark Sanford loses his primary


Arrington is running against incumbent Rep. Mark Sanford, who has never lost a race in his political career. "Congrats to Katie Arrington!" I'd expect nothing more from a few desperate Republicans after the bad night they've had.

Mark Sanford nurtured an independent streak, reportedly branding the president's imposition of steel and aluminum tariffs "an experiment with stupidity".

"I may be wrong", Trump acknowledged near the end of the news conference.

'I'm not looking for disagreement with the administration, ' Sanford told Politico.

He said he does not regret being critical of Trump. Agreeing to disagree is "a sign of health in our political system".

Sanford has never lost an election in SC, including two terms in the U.S. House after the affair surfaced.

Republican Rep. Mark Sanford became the latest proof point that fealty to Trump - much more than purity on the issues - matters most in GOP politics. Trump is known to remember slights from lawmakers. Be a team player or Trump will support someone who will be. Sanford also said in a 2017 interview that Trump "has fanned the flames of intolerance".

Trump celebrated Sanford's defeat on Twitter, claiming success in ousting a foe.

The president congratulated last week for the Republican Party's showing in Tuesday's California primaries.

While Kaine was already expected to have an easy ride to re-election, Republicans fear Stewart's harsh style could hurt other candidates by association, including endangered incumbent Representative Barbara Comstock, whose suburban Washington district is a top target for Democrats.

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He aligned himself with comments from retiring Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, who has an on-off relationship with Trump. The president's record of keeping his promises resonates across the district.

And Trump famously backed Roy Moore, the former Alabama judge accused of sexual misconduct with teenage girls, in a special election earlier this year that delivered the state's first Democrat to the U.S. Senate in a generation. Stewart will face Sen. He will challenge Democratic Senator Tim Kaine.

"It's Trump's party now. I know a lot of people here in South Carolina, particularly of my age demographic-are exhausted of what they view as a good old boys club", said Emory Roberts, Political Director, South Carolina Young Republicans.

The congressman had been a rising star in the GOP in 2009 when his aides told reporters he was missing because he was hiking the Appalachian Trail - only for him to get caught instead returning from Argentina, where he had been visiting his mistress. But he was never a strong Trump fan. In turn, Arrington sought to cast the three-term congressman as a traitor who was opposed to the president's agenda.

Sanford has said in several interviews in recent months that the tenor of his town halls and other campaign events in his coastal 1st District had shifted, with voters using expletives and saying if Trump can say anything he wants, they can, too.

She said she fully supported Trump once he had the nomination. "LOVE MITT ROMNEY!" Arrington wrote on Facebook in 2016.

Sanford's seat is likely to remain in Republican hands no matter the victor of Tuesday's primary.

"I have been shot at before", Warren said.

"A lot of people have come up to me in the course of this campaign and asked me, 'Are you for or against Trump?' And I'd say, 'I'm neither for nor against Trump". Start with niceties before bringing up the trouble spots, "as opposed to just coming out with smashmouth football".