Rebel Wilson defamation damages payout slashed almost $4m on appeal


But the Court of Appeal ruled that Wilson had not proven the company was responsible for her losing the film roles.

But Bauer Media appealed and the Woman's Day publisher had a major win on Thursday.

In September a year ago, Wilson won the largest defamation payout in Australian legal history, with Bauer ordered to pay $4.56 million in damages after accusing Wilson of being a serial liar in one of their magazines.

'What happens tomorrow is to do with the losers @bauermedia quibbling about how much they now have to pay me.

The magazine publisher appealed against what was the largest defamation win in Australian legal history, arguing the size of the settlement set a risky precedent and there were errors of law in the judgment.

It also reduced Wilson's non-economic losses by 50,000 Australian dollars to 600,000 Australian dollars.

Bauer announced their plan to appeal back in October, saying in a statement that the "quantum of damages..."

Rebel Wilson won her defamation action last June
Rebel Wilson won her defamation action last June

"While this case was never about the money for me", she wrote, "I do hope to receive as much as possible to give away to charities and to support the Australian film industry".

The actress is now filming in Europe, and ahead of the decision, took to Twitter last night to say that regardless of the level of payout, she had won the case.

Rebel was not present in court as she is filming in Europe, but did tweet ahead of the appeal, pointing out that the verdict itself was not being questioned, only the amount of money paid.

But the Court of Appeal said there was no basis for her to receive financial damages for the potential loss of roles.

'Today Justice Dixon accepted that Bauer Media subjected me to a sustained and malicious attack timed to coincide with the launch of Pitch 2.

Bauer said in a statement that it welcomed the court's decision.

"I'm looking forward to helping out some great Australian charities and supporting the Oz film industry with damages I've received".

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