Vienna possible venue for Putin-Trump summit


The White House is escalating its verbal attacks against Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of close American ally Canada.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday floated an idea to set up a way to resolve trade disputes between the United States and its allies.

Speaking in La Malbaie, the small town in Quebec that hosted the weekend's summit, he said: "Why are we having a meeting without Russian Federation in the meeting? I wish to you, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, good health and success, and to all Russians peace and prosperity", reads the congratulatory message. I have been Russia's worst nightmare.

During a recent Q & A session Putin answered a question about the chances for the WWIII with a quote from the famous physicist Albert Einstein: "I don't know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones". European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker offered to visit Washington for an assessment of EU-US trade to help resolve the dispute, an official said. He spent Friday participating in the rituals of the G-7, including the formal greeting by host Trudeau, a group photo in front of the sparkling St. Lawrence River and a working lunch of Arctic char and buckwheat salad.

Mr Trump was already at odds with the rest of the group - the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan - over the imposition of tariffs on steel and aluminium.

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday warned both Trump and the European Union of the dangers of entering a tit-for-tat trade war over tariffs, urging both sides to instead focus on China's excess steel production.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently talked about how Russia has to carefully consider its participation in the development of cryptocurrency.

They have "resolutely supported the other's core interests. and jointly proactively participated in worldwide affairs and global governance", Xi said. "We are facing a very volatile region", she said.

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Hussain said that China is a reliable friend and steady partner of Pakistan, and relations between the two countries are unshakable. Either we're the victor or the loser, and if it's not obvious that we're the victor then we must be the loser, the chump, the sap, the sucker.

The U.S. and its European allies have imposed sanctions against Russian Federation since 2014, when the Crimean Peninsula voted in a referendum to separate from Ukraine and reintegrate into Russian Federation. The point isn't that each of those deals was flawless, but to Trump they were disastrous primarily because they involved the United States joining with other countries in the hopes that everyone could emerge better off. Just last week he met the heads of states representing over half of the planet's population.

"Looking forward to straightening out unfair Trade Deals with the G-7 countries. And we don't want there to be one". This too is revealing.

But no consensus document will hide the damage inflicted by the USA leader's aggressive imposition of tariffs on what had been some of Washington's closest allies.

Trump's "America First" message to allies has hardened since he brought hardline national security adviser John Bolton on to his team.

"The other countries of the G-6 are a larger market than the American market", Macron said.

So things are going great!

Trump's remarks were the latest show of disunity between the US and the other six nations meeting at a resort on the Saint Lawrence River this weekend. President Trump and I work together.