Stunning mobile RPG Elder Scrolls: Blades is coming to iOS this year


Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 may be far off, but the prospect of two new games that push the boundaries of gaming are likely to generate a lot of attention.

Among the many announcements made at Bethesda's E3 presentation was news about more DLC content packs for Elder Scrolls Online.

Big fans of the series will also get the chance to participate in a beta for the game. Howard was insistent that the game will be fully playable offline, but he also said that "every surviving human is a real player".

You're probably knee-deep in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset at the moment, but ready your drive space for two new Elder Scrolls additions, freshly announced by Bethesda Softworks at E3 2018.

The game will mainly focus on exploring dungeons and leveling up the character as it is done in other RPGs.

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Fallout 76 looks as if hopes to lure in new players to franchise with this sort of new fresh take on the game.

Critics are quite skeptical of these announcements, as in the case with The Elder Scrolls VI movie is a camera flight over the mountains popping out of the logo of the game. There also seems to be a heavy base-defense component to the game. And after seven long years, we are finally able to hear about the next part which is Elder Scroll VI.

A sequel to 2016's excellent DOOM was announced, called DOOM Eternal. The latter lets players create their own settlements and defend them against rival factions, and if things get too extreme, there are nuclear missile studios to take over which provides the means to nuke rivals, providing the idea of nuking a place already ravaged by nuclear war makes sense. "It harks back to the Arena, the first Elder Scrolls game in 1994", said Bethesda's Todd Howard.

On the smaller scale, Bethesda unveiled The Elder Scrolls: Blades for iOS and numerous other platforms. But if you're desperate for something TES to chew on, Bethesda revealed Elder Scrolls Blades during the same conference. When quizzed on the games a few years ago, Howard had mentioned that "the technology wasn't there yet for the game they wanted to build". While the game is designed for the iPhone, we're told that they'll be aiming to support it on other devices as well as PC and console. All in first person, with "console graphics" (it looks better than Oblivion, not as good as Skyrim), this will be full-blown open world RPG packed full of both hand-crafted and procedurally generated dungeons and missions.