Racoon's climb up 25-storey building has netizens on tenterhooks


Today, it's all about a racoon who scaled an office building in Minnesota, US.

Locals have deemed the animal "Spider-Raccoon", per Minnesota Public Radio News.

The UBS Plaza building is 25 stories tall. He started climbing. And he's now on the 22nd floor.

The skyscraper-scaling raccoon doesn't just have people keeping track to see what the creature's ultimate fate will be, though. Paige Donnelly Law, on the same floor of the tower, said in a tweet that they've been told there are live traps on the roof and they are hoping the raccoon will make it the rest of the way up.

Concerned that the raccoon had become trapped, Twitter users called for a host of inventive solutions, including sending up a hot air balloon to take the raccoon to safety. While some asked what authorities were doing for the creature, Nelson also noted that it's hard to get close to animals that could feel threatened, potentially putting the creature and any workers in more danger.

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Looking like a smaller, hairier version of Spiderman, the raccoon was able to scale nearly the entire building, finally stopping to rest outside the Paige Donnelly Law Firm on the 23rd floor.

The city's mayor, Melvin Carter, assured raccoon-watchers help was on the way.

"Any other measures we think would endanger him".

The raccoon has gotten Twitter so excited that someone has even started an account on the critter's behalf: "The St. Paul Raccoon". "I made a big mistake", they posted.