Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner earned a stunning amount previous year


Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner earned at least $82 million past year from investments and business concerns outside of their jobs as unpaid senior advisers to the president, according to financial disclosures released by the White House.

Trump reportedly made almost $6 million from Trump businesses like the Trump International Hotel in D.C. and in severance from the Trump Organization.

Per the Washington Post, ethics experts are concerned that the extraordinary outside cash flow could create intense conflicts of interest. Her father was inaugurated on January 20, 2017, and Ivanka Trump officially joined the White House as an unpaid senior adviser in March 2017, after her initial attempts to serve as an informal adviser raised ethics questions.

The disclosures, issued late on Monday night, showed that Kushner, the President's son-in-law and a top White House aide, held assets totaling at least $US181 million.

Altogether, Ivanka Trump made at least $12 million in 2017.

While both Kushner and Ivanka Trump were required to file financial forms previous year, it is hard to compare their past to present wealth because there are several months of overlap in the reporting period and the Office of Government Ethics uses broad ranges to calculate assets and liabilities.

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The White House released financial disclosure forms for other officials, including National Security Adviser John Bolton, who reported $2.2 million in income in the year and three months before he joined the administration. Trump was paid a $289,300 advance by Penguin Random House for her book, "Women Who Work".

Kushner's disclosure also showed that he has assumed growing debt over the past year, both expanding his use of revolving lines of credit and taking on additional debt of between US$5 million ($6.6m) and US$25 million ($33.01m) as part of his family company's purchase last year of a New Jersey apartment complex. Based on the filings, CNN estimates Kushner's net worth is $174 million to $710 million and Trump's is $55 million to $75 million.

Ivanka's hotel income of $3.9 million is up from last spring when she reported about $2.4 million in profits for the Washington property that has become a staple for those trying to curry favor with the Trump Administration since it opened in September 2016.

Some of the couple's assets were listed jointly.

Peter Mirijanian, a spokesperson for the couple's attorney Abbe Lowell, told the Washington Post that Kushner and Trump's net worth has not substantially changed during their time at the White House and confirmed that they have both complied with all the ethical rules. In all, he took in at least Dollars 70 million, the Post said.