IL officer saves 1-year-old seen running on highway


The Naperville Police Department said Monday that Sgt. Anthony Mannino was recently given the department's Life Saving Award for bringing the child to safety last month on the side of Route 59 outside of Chicago. At one point, a large truck can be seen passing within a few feet of the approximately 1-year-old child at a high rate of speed.

The video shows Mannino pull his cruiser up behind the boy and get out, chasing him down and yelling, "Hey, hey, hey, come here", then stopping him up and telling him "You're OK, you're OK". However, the boy keeps running, forcing Mannino into a full sprint to catch up. "You're OK, you're OK", Mannino calmly tells the boy as he grabs him.

Mannino alerted dispatch that he caught the boy and would begin the search for his parents, according to the Naperville Sun.

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The young boy "escaped his mother's watchful eye" and left his house.

The officer then picked the child up, carrying him out of harm's way. The Naperville, Illinois Police Department awarded Mannino for his life-saving actions. The mother was not charged as the incident was deemed an accident, the spokeman said.