Forza Horizon 4 Announced, Halo Infinite Teased For Xbox One, Windows


Microsoft hosted a lengthy Xbox E3 briefing yesterday.

Microsoft has used this year's E3 conference to tilt its hat and announce that it is most definitely going to go large as far as current and future-generation gaming is concerned.

Halo Infinite was announced as part of the Xbox E3 2018 press conference - in fact, it was the first game Microsoft showed on-stage.

Speaking of Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft is applying its machine learning ethos into the service.

Our cloud engineers are building a game streaming network to unlock console-quality gaming on any device.

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According to Halo director Frank O'Connor, the game will feature the iconic Master Chief of the Halo series much more prominently, especially in the wake of the character's relative absence in Halo 5: Guardians. Sams doesn't know if the new hardware will consist of completely new devices or be more in line with the One X, but considering how recently the One X launched, it would be shocking to see Microsoft abandon the platform altogether in 2020. And it will set up a new developer called The Initiative, based in Santa Monica, headed by industry veteran Darrell Gallagher, an ex-studio head of Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics. The company did not give any information about the game beyond a teaser trailer, but the name would imply either a Fortnite-like battle royale style game or a persistent world. But for us fans of everything with four wheels, the biggest title revealed would have to be Forza Horizon 4 developed by United Kingdom -based Playground Games.

According to the developers, Turn 10 Studios and Playground Games, more than 450 cars will be available to choose from. Microsoft says that you will, on average, be able to jump into your new game twice as fast as you did previously on the same net connection.

Spencer was not shy in confirming the development of Microsoft's next console, and it's not hard to think that the expansion of first-party developers, renewed partnerships with Japanese developers, and improved background technology aren't meant to pay dividends at all this generation.

Officials also said the company is still working to build a game-streaming service, The Verge noted.