Former PM Brian Mulroney predicts Trump’s anger at Trudeau will ‘dissipate’ quickly


A former US ambassador to Canada called on Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro to apologize for saying "there's a special place in hell" for Trudeau, whom he accused of practising "bad-faith diplomacy" at the weekend G7 summit in Quebec.

The prime minister said although retaliation "is not something I relish doing", he would not hesitate to do so because "I will always protect Canadian workers and Canadian interests".

But one USA official, speaking on condition of anonymity, acknowledged: "The timing for all this is not very good at all".

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 9, 2018Fair Trade is now to be called Fool Trade if it is not Reciprocal.

Kudlow further called Kim as "crazy nuclear tyrant" as he urged the other members of G8 to support Trump.

MacLauchlan said he supported the Prime Minister's retaliatory tariffs in response to US tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum and called on opposition parties to join him in expressing support for the federal government.

In a world full of "free trade" or "fair trade" there are big fishes like America in the sea which is constantly trying to enslave other countries or its allies by creating economic boundaries for them to follow. "$800 billion trade deficit", he said.

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The back-and-forth between Trump and Trudeau highlights the growing tensions between the United States and some the country's closest allies.

He said Trump "did the courtesy to Justin Trudeau to travel up to Quebec for that summit". Among other things, she said the government should be preparing to keep pace with corporate tax cuts and tax breaks south of the border.

Hashtag #Eyebrowgate trended and soon, Trudeau's Eyebrows even had their own Twitter account. Trudeau stuck our president in the back.

"Americans need to realize that a trade war is going to be bad for everyone including themselves and I think they're going to feel that most acutely if some of their access to foreign markets starts to be restricted". Some of Trump's aides also lashed out at the Canadian prime minister. He claims these unfair trade practices cost American jobs and somehow create a national security risk by weakening producers.

"Here's the thing", Kudlow said, "he really kind of stabbed us in the back". From promoting democracy and to fighting terrorism, "we're on the same page".

During a news conference, Trudeau had reasserted his opposition to U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminium, and vowed to press ahead with retaliatory moves on July 1. May paid tribute to Mr. Trudeau for "his leadership and skillful chairing" of the G7 and added that the United Kingdom "fully intends to honour the commitments we have made" in the final communiqué. Our Tariffs are in response to his of 270% on dairy!

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