Domino’s now paving potholes to protect pizzas


To nominate towns, Domino's customers can visit the Paving for Pizza website and enter the zip code of their city.

Residents can nominate their town on Domino's "Paving for Pizza" website and the company will work with local government to help fund road repairs.

Domino's Pizza is offering to fill potholes across the United States in order to save customers' pizza, the pizza chain announced Monday.

A work team out in Mitford, where a team of four repaired scores of potholes to begin the publicity campaign.

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Domino's, the largest pizza company in the world by sales, says the repairs will reduce the number of times topping and cheese are pushed to one side after delivery drivers go over a bump. Images provided by Domino's show a pothole fix truck emblazoned with the chain's logo and the slogan, "Bad roads shouldn't happen to good pizza".

The company is launching a new campaign to make sure your pizza makes it to your doorstep in ideal condition. "Domino's cares too much about its customers and pizza to let that happen". And instead of lobbying cities to fix the streets, the company is taking matters into its own hands. That includes $2 trillion for roads alone. For its latest move to get your pizza dollar, however, Dominos has something slightly more ambitious in mind, namely public infrastructure projects.

"While it's not something we are actively looking at the moment, at Domino's we never say never", says Scott Bush, general manager of Domino's New Zealand.