Tesla to Offer First ‘Full Self-Driving Features’ in August


Enabling "full self-driving" would make good on a promise by electric-vehicle company Tesla two years ago when it began equipping all new cars with the necessary hardware for full self-driving. Tesla would not comment beyond the CEO's tweets.

Tesla repeatedly tells drivers to keep their hands on the wheel while Autopilot is engaged-the auto warns anyone who doesn't, disabling the feature and even stopping the vehicle should the alerts be ignored.

There aren't any technical specs for what the compressed air thrusters might add to the Roadster, but the standard version of the vehicle, which is expected to be delivered in 2020, already boasts a speedy 0-60 time of 1.9 seconds and a 620-mile range. Although stories about Tesla "drivers" sleeping and sitting in the passenger seat - and, unfortunately, crashing while reliant on the system - abound, Autopilot is only meant to operate under constant driver supervision.

According to Musk, Tesla "will begin to enable full self-driving features" in August with the release of Autopilot Version 9. In the last six seconds, the vehicle did not detect the driver's hands on the steering wheel.

The company wouldn't elaborate on exactly what the features are, by the way, but we'd suggest they'll take better advantage of the Enhanced Autopilot suite listed on the Tesla website. It's created to fool the car's Autopilot-linked torque sensor into thinking the driver has their hands on the steering wheel.

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Besides the virtuoso headline-making tweet about the Roadster, Musk also hinted at a self-driving Tesla update coming later this year.

Musk and Tesla first announced the specs of the new Roadster back in November, stating that "these numbers sound nutty, but they're real". A Tesla representative told the publication that SpaceX and Tesla "are occasionally able to share ideas that help the other". He left many observers scratching their heads when, over the past weekend, he posted hints about what he claimed would be a special feature for the next-generation Tesla Roadster now under development.

Musk tweeted and said that the flame spitting engines and the burning rocket fuel are not legal.

A Tesla Inc employee organising a union was asked by a supervisor and company security guards to leave the factory after handing out pro-union flyers, the worker said at a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) hearing on Monday over whether Tesla had violated federal safeguards for employee activity.