Rihanna and Sandra Bullock bonded on Ocean's 8 over love of SAUSAGE


Through Sunday, Ocean's 8 will have grossed about $12.2 million overseas.

The horror thriller "Hereditary", starring Toni Collette, debuted with $13 million, setting a new company record for A24, the indie distributor behind releases like "The Witch" and "Moonlight".

"Ocean's 8", which features a cast including Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, and Cambridge native Mindy Kaling, and which opens in Boston on Thursday, includes cameos from other "Ocean's" stars.

Hathaway is not the only one feeling the "Ocean's 8" love, either. It was the best-ever opening for any of the films in the franchise, handily beating the previous leader, 2004's "Ocean's Twelve", which posted $39.1 million in its opening weekend before going on to gross $125.5 million in the US and Canada.

"This furthers the thinking that you can have a lot of projects out there driven by female star power and bring in the box office". Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Twelve, and Ocean's Thirteen, which released between 2001 and 2007, each bowed between US$36 million and US$39 million, not adjusted for inflation.

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Critics' reviews were mixed to positive, while moviegoers gave Ocean's 8 a B-plus CinemaScore. "I really do think that that is much more the reality and the authentic experience of most young women, and in part that's why I think audiences are responding to those kind of portrayals". Hereditary marks A24's best opening weekend in history, outpacing 2015's The Witch's US$8.8 million bow.

Ghostbusters was produced on a $144 million dollar budget, and while it managed to bring in over $229 million worldwide, with advertising the film wasn't very profitable. Its decent opening came in spite of an R-rating and a D+ audience rating from CinemaScore. Hotel Artemis checked in with a dismal US$3.1 million on 2,407 screens. Drew Pearce wrote and directed the movie, which stars Jodie Foster as a nurse running a secret hospital for criminals in near-future Los Angeles.

According to ComScore, overall box office is up 4.3 percent year-to-date.

Initial reviews, which came out this week, were mixed for J.A. Bayona's sequel. Looking ahead the film will open this week in France and South Korea on June 13 followed by openings in Germany (Jun 21), Russia (Jun 21), UK (Jun 22), Spain (Jul 6), Italy (Jul 26) and Japan (Aug 10).