Neal Boyd, one-Time 'America's Got Talent' winner, dies


Neal Boyd, the victor of the third season of "America's Got Talent", died on Sunday at about 6 p.m., TMZ reports.

The county coroner told TMZ 'no autopsy will be done.

TMZ is reporting that the cause of death is heart failure, and Neal had a known heart condition at the time of his death.

Neal won "AGT" back in 2008. wowing the judges and the audience with his operatic voice.

My American Dream reached No. 3 in the Top Classical Albums Chart, although it debuted at No. 195 on the Billboard 200 in its first week.

Boyd had been slowly recovering after a crash previous year that left him and his mother badly hurt. They'd been slowly recovering since then.

He went on to win Season 3, earning a $1 million prize and a headlining act in Las Vegas.

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"I didn't realize we were poor until my mama told me I was, but we got through", Boyd had said during the show. "It was my mom who really kept the family together". The singer was reportedly at his mother's home at the time. "[Recovery is] a very slow progress".

Boyd was the co-owner of Cox & Boyd Insurance Solutions, an insurance agency in Missouri. "I shattered a lot of bones, and shattered my hip, which has left me nearly unable to use that leg for now", he told the outlet in February.

Amick added that his weight was also a contributing factor.

"You never know what's going to happen next".

"Just be grateful that you survived", he continued.

Boyd also ran unsuccessfully as a Republican for a south-east Missouri seat in the U.S. house of representatives seat, losing in the general election in 2012 and in the primary in 2014.