Memphis woman arrested for transporting kids in pet kennels, police say


A Memphis grandmother is out of jail after being arrested and charged for a video showing her traveling with children inside of two pet kennels. The kids reportedly told officials that it was hot in the back of the vehicle, according to Fox 13.

"It's very sad. Because it feels like hell right here now, it's very hot", said Nikita Blake who is Cheeks neighbor.

Authorities said the suspect admitted that she drove about 35 minutes - from Memphis to Collierville, Tenn. - with two children in dog kennels in the back.

Mrs Cheeks had also allegedly shut a seven-year-old child in a separate cage, both of which had an enclosed roof and only a small front-facing metal window.

Memphis police confirmed the charges against Cheeks in a statement posted to Facebook. Another neighbor told Fox 13 Cheeks "loves her grandkids" and that they were "always outside playing with the dogs and stuff".

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An investigation has been launched by Children Services and Memphis Police. A phone listing for Cheeks rang unanswered Monday.

"I really can't see her doing that", she added. "For them to be in the hot vehicle like that in cages is sad".

He aded that the incident could have been an "honest mistake" and that the grandmother should "get help".

Cheeks was taken into police custody after a concerned witness shot video of her on Saturday as she opened the trunk of her Ford Explorer and released the children from the kennels. "If she did that, then that's out of character for her", one neighbor said. Police said the vehicle was not air conditioned.