Life Is Strange Spin-Off Captain Spirit Coming Later This Month For Free


An intriguing under-the-radar reveal from yesterday's Xbox press conference was The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

The most recent Life is unusual game - Before the Storm - was one of the best PC games of 2017. However, it does offer hints towards Life is odd 2, "you're clever enough to piece the clues together". Many assumed this would be Life Is Strange 2. It tells the story of Chris, a 10-year-old boy who basically wants to be a superhero. In his fantasy adventures of being the titular "Captain Spirit", his adventures eventually lead to "something truly extraordinary" that will happen to him.

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This self-contained narrative experience apparently contains plenty of hidden secrets that you'll discover through multiple playthroughs, and will also feature links to the brand new story that'll come, eventually, with Life is unusual 2. The free game is set in the Life is odd universe, a trailer for which you can check out in our previous coverage. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit will feature links to the brand-new story of Life is odd 2. Maybe we'll be introduced to the Life is odd protagonist (s). There are "links" to stories and details from Life is unusual 2, the directors teased. You will most likely see and discover new content on subsequent playthroughs which you might have previously missed. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit releases on June 26, and it's a free download that won't cost you a dime.