E3 2018: EA Reveal Sea of Solitude, A Game About Loneliness


Sea of Solitude arrives on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 systems in early 2019.

"When humans become lonely, they become monsters,"said Cornelia Geppert, writer and creative director of the upcoming title". What's more interesting is the fact that she is not alone, the ocean is full of mysterious creatures, that are just like her. This concept is central to the game and the developers feel that this idea of loneliness transforming people is very relatable. She must go and figure out why this happened and how she can become a human again. In the Sea of Solitude, there are others like Kay, and she seeks them out for help.

Sea of Solitude will release early next year. Sea of Solitude is an adventure game which is not going to shy from highlighting topics which are usually seldom seen in games. Something way more unsafe is hiding in the Sea of Solitude and it could be her greatest nightmare.

'Sea of Solitude' pits players against overwhelming loneliness
EA reveals Unravel Two and Sea of Solitude under its Originals label

You may remember EA Originals being mentioned recently in the context of Josef Fares and Hazelight Studios' A Way Out. Suffering from loneliness herself, she spoke passionately about writing this deeply personal story during a dark period in her life.

Sea of Solitude is the latest indie game to be published by EA through their EA Originals brand.

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