E3 2018: Command & Conquer: Rivals announced for iOS and Android


Alas, you can read details of the new game as posted by EA below.

You can look at how to install the Command And Conquer Rivals APK and a link for the APK are all in this article.

Fans, however, have expressed their disapproval of the new Command & Conquer game, as shown by the YouTube downvotes and Twitter reactions against Command & Conquer: Rivals. This is because Command and Conquer: Rivals has been announced.

Command and Conquer Rivals is a mobile RTS where the main objective is to destroy the enemy base with units or buildings. You fight other commanders in 1v1 matches.

As stated above, the game is already available for download in pre-alpha state via the Play Store.

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The game offers Tiberium currency as a starting resource, to allow players to build their units.

Android users in America and Canada can register to potentially be selected for the game's pre-alpha, opening up from today.

According to Polygon, your units will attack nearby enemies but you can choose which enemies to attack in the middle of a battle. The different forces spawn at the player's bases and can then be controlled and directed to specified points on the map and engage in combat.

The game is simple, players will send infantry and tanks to hold off major control zones to control missile launcher. Set in the same fictional universe as hit games like Morrowind and Skyrim, Blades takes after the procedurally-generated first-person dungeon crawler The Elder Scrolls: Arena but only in spirit.