Trump believes 'progress made' in G7 trade talks


"I don't know if they were surprised with President Trump's free trade proclamation, but they certainly listened to it and we had lengthy discussions about that", Kudlow said at the press conference.

According to Trump, who blamed the US leaders who preceded him for the current trade deficits, the answer is a change in the entire global trading system. But she added that Britain had expressed its "deep disappointment at the unjustified decision by the apply tariffs to European Union steel and aluminum imports".

Trump - who regularly threatens to pull out of the North American Free Trade Agreement - insists that Canada and Mexico agree to a sunset clause that would allow a member nation to withdraw after five years. And while his critics say Trump is suspiciously soft on Putin, the president told reporters Friday: "I have been Russia's worst nightmare".

French President Emmanuel Macron, who met Trump as well, tweeted: "Pursuing the conversation".

Mr Trump also said his fellow G-7 leaders had expressed their commitment to containing Iran's nuclear ambitions.

"If they retaliate, they're making a mistake", he said.

"We're like the piggy bank that everybody's robbing", Trump complained. The noise of Mr Trump's helicopter landing was so loud they had to stop talking for a while, in a scene one official compared to the opening from the USA television series M.A.S.H. "A format that is explicitly based on respecting worldwide law is not viable for Russian Federation at present", she said.

President Trump held a surprise press conference before he left the summit, and he left a bit early.

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In return, Mr Trump made the French president his guest at his first White House state dinner, after which the USA president said of his visitor: "I like him a lot".

The meeting, which is taking place in Quebec, has had a six-plus-one tone from the start and the seven countries Canada, Britain, the US, France, Germany, Italy and Japan will most likely not be issuing a joint statement as they could not reach a consensus on trade.

Trump's tariffs initially went into effect in March, aimed specifically at China, but the White House announced in May that the three allies would no longer be exempt from the taxes.

Mr Trump is expected to leave the summit early and travel to Singapore ahead of a meeting there with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Tuesday.

The Trump administration announced two weeks ago that it would investigate whether auto imports hurt USA national security, the first step toward tariffs similar to the ones he imposed on steel and aluminum imports last week.

Alluding to the tensions as he sat with Macron on Friday, Trump said: "We've had, really, a very good relationship, very special". Trump has also maintained his stance that tariffs are a national security issue, because unfair trade deals "affect our military", he said.

"We stick to the communique as agreed by all participants", a European official said on condition of anonymity.

Disagreement over the sunset clause was the deal breaker that scuttled a possible meeting between Trump and Trudeau in Washington late last month in an attempt to bring the NAFTA talks to a conclusion.