IOS 12 allows older iPhones to stay current for another year


Apple also announced some other small related features, like setting end times for Do Not Disturb when you leave a location or when event ends, as well as adjusting notification settings for apps right from the Notification Center (without going into the Settings).

These functions which are supposed to manage better screen time, track app usage and limit phone's ability to distract, might help parents control their kids. Through AR, iPhone users now can measure objects.

The really good news is that Apple has finally chose to bring the Mac App Store up to par with what the iOS App Store looks like.

Apple announced a whole slew of new features for iPhone iOS 12 and the Apple Watch OS 5 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday.

To date, Apple has responded by highlighting its existing parental controls, which some analysts say are insufficient because they don't allow parents to fully monitor their children's device use. You will find that once this update is complete, it will look just like the App Store you see on your iOS device.

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So if the only reason it would change iPhone is a "junk" battery then maybe it's worth it to only spend on replacing the component in 2018 by upgrading the device to iOS 12 as soon as it's released, guaranteeing another year of use without a headache.

Software chief Craig Federighi said iOS 12 could carry out simple tasks - such as opening apps - up to twice as fast as its predecessor, iOS 11.

A weekly report, too, will be sent to parents informing them on how much screen time their children are spending on their phones. "Instant Tuning" will let you turn off notifications for apps at any moment, or help notifications bypass the lock screen.

Siri's automation feature is based on Workflow, a startup that was recently acquired by Apple. With Measure, you can measure objects or walls around you thanks to some new augmented reality tools from Apple.

These apps might have the same overall feel as their mobile counterparts but key user interactions will have to be updated for the desktop environment. For Apple, it is easy to push software updates because it makes its own software and devices.