Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives win majority government


Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford is thanking the people of Ontario for giving his party a majority government. Furthermore, the Liberal party won't be able to regain official party status until the next election is held four years from now.

I truly hope he means it when he says it's a new day for Ontario and that his team is up to the challenge. Premier Kathleen Wynne, who narrowly hung on to her seat, resigned as Liberal leader and all but seven Liberal ridings fell.

For a few short weeks, Andrea Horwath appeared tantalizingly close to the Ontario premier's office - a prize that proved elusive once again on Thursday for the veteran politician who has led the provincial New Democrats for nearly a decade.

The Green Party was the other big victor Thursday night, gaining its first seat in the legislature as Leader Mike Schreiner handily won in Guelph.

The Conservatives have 76 seats, the NDP 40, the Liberals 7 and the Green party 1.

MacLauchlan said a good relationship between P.E.I. and Ontario was an important priority for him.

Ford will now lead Ontario, a province that is home to almost a third of Canada's 36 million residents as well as much of the country's financial and manufacturing sectors.

But Ford's campaign certainly wasn't immune to controversy.

The Canadian Press is projecting a Progressive Conservative majority government in Ontario.

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What few predicted, however, was that the race would become a battle between the Conservatives and the left-leaning New Democratic party (NDP); pitting the rightwing populist politics that have taken hold in countries around the world against promises to increase government spending and raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy.

Doug Ford says his first order of business will be to examine the province's books.

Ontario's new premier has previously voiced support for Donald Trump, but has dismissed direct comparisons to the United States president. She said she had detected "anxiety" among voters. I will continue fighting for our Liberal values and the people of Essex. Wynne, 65, stepped down as party leader. Blunt and combative with the media, Ford has drawn comparisons with U.S. President Donald Trump, although he has tried to appeal to voters in the immigrant communities that sway elections in many Toronto suburbs.

Straight-laced Scheer got a taste of that earlier this week when he was asked how he feels about being associated politically with someone who allegedly dealt drugs in his youth and whose family members, notably late Toronto mayor Rob Ford, have struggled with drug addiction.

Charles McVety's Facebook post on Doug Ford's win. I've never put that one to the test, mostly because I've never encountered any sort of a wait, but I'll see if I can push it this time. People waved party signs and embraced while they waited for Ford to arrive.

Paul Beyda, also at the convention centre, said Horwath did really well, despite failing to win the big prize.

Voter turnout was up significantly, to 58 per cent from about 51 per cent in the 2014 election.

Liberal heavyweights like Finance Minister Charles Sousa, Labour Minister Kevin Flynn, Environment Minister Chris Ballard, Health Minister Helena Jaczek and Economic Development Minister Stephen Del Duca all went down to defeat.

Indigenous representation is also generally very poor among candidates running for seats in Ottawa or at Queen's Park. Ford also supported doing away with the Liberal Party's sex-ed curriculum, safe injection sites and protest-free zones outside of abortion clinics.