Amazon To Exclusively Broadcast Premier League Games From 2019


It is the first time that packages of livestreaming matches have been offered by the Premier League, under a strategy introduced by the chief executive, Richard Scudamore.

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The U.S. company secured one of two previously unsold three-year packages for United Kingdom rights, the Premier League said on Thursday, with BT picking up the other to increase its access to live action.

The new deal runs for three years from 2019/20 and means fans will have to add Amazon Prime to their list of subscriptions if they want to catch every game.

If Amazon paid a similar amount as BT for 20 games, the league would generate £4.6 billion (NZ$8.8 billion) from the sale of 200 live games in Britain, compared with £5.14 billion (NZ$9.8 billion) for 168 matches from 2016-19.

The online streaming service has won the rights to show every game from the first round of midweek fixtures in December and all 10 matches on Boxing Day as part of the three-year deal.

It does similar with some live sporting events in the US.

From season 2019/20, Amazon Prime Video will show 20 live Premier League fixtures.

BT also announced it had picked up the remaining package of 20 matches on Thursday.

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Amazon Prime already broadcasts live sports, such as the US Open tennis and NFL American football.

The rights to show another two rounds of games were purchased by BT Sport for 90 million pounds ($121 million), giving it 52 live matches in total from 2019 to 2022.

Now all the revenue from worldwide deals is shared equally among the 20 clubs but the bigger clubs had been pushing for a greater share of the money, arguing they are the main attraction for foreign viewers.

The deal underlines Amazon's ambition to take on traditional pay-TV broadcasters in the multi-billion dollar battle for sports rights.

The Sky/BT duopoly of Premier League football has come to an end.

The deal is an important milestone for Amazon, but it represents only a fraction of the larger Premier League pie.

But the format of the Premier League's auction makes it easier for digital media companies to compete.

Sky will now air 128 games a season, up from 126 matches currently and it now has the first pick game every weekend plus Saturday evening fixtures for the first time, all screened on Sky's dedicated Premier League channel.