Apple’s MacOS Mojave a definite attempt to boost productivity


This, according to Apple, has been inspired by the beauty of Mojave desert in the night. Here's a quick rundown of some of the key features.

MacOS Mojave: Apple has launched a new version of macOS, the new name is derived from a lovely landscape "Mojave".

This new update will bring suggestions to Siri. Third-party apps may need to be updated to support Dark Mode, but it should be easy developers to do this in a time-efficient manner. Stacks are essentially folders that are dedicated to certain file types, however, the different between stacks and folders is that stacks automatically collect files that should go into them. Speaking of which, the Dark Mode includes support for dynamic desktops that change the appearance of the operating system and wallpaper throughout the day from morning to afternoon to evening.

"I've been using it and I have to tell you: I thought I was fairly disciplined about this". First up is a new Gallery View mode, which includes a large preview of the now selected file with thumbnails of the folder contents below. Finder's new 'Gallery' view was also unannounced, and allows you to quickly view important details and complete Quick Actions with your files such as rotating images. Since Steam Link is a multiplatform app, though, it's allowed to offer purchases outside of Apple's control, so long as they're made on the host PC.

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Click Take Photo under Insert from your iPhone or iPad. In fact, the only serious surprise (though it had been heavily rumored in the weeks and months leading up to the event) was the official reveal of iOS apps coming to macOS. Like with iOS 12, there aren't any major jaw dropping additions to the mix with macOS Mojave (10.14). Now Apple is bringing that functionality to its App Store. You'll be able to fine-tune permissions for more apps, like the Camera and Microphone, and in Safari, you will be able to "shut down" cookie tracking for likes and comments. Using Safari browser, not only Apple is making it extremely hard for websites and cookies to track web users, but is also hiding the signature of a Mac from websites so that they can track users even when users have turned off the third-party tracking.

To more cheers from developers, Apple also announced a redesigned Mac App Store for the Mojave update, expanding a new look the company introduced to iPhones and iPads previous year. In 2016, Google said its Android mobile app store would run on the company's Chrome OS for personal computers, getting a similar thumbs-up from developers. Apart from the new design, there's a new Discover tab which would be updated on a weekly basis by editors over at Apple to help you discover new apps. This isn't the case with television shows or movies featured in the TV App, with Apple only pulling content from services you already subscribe to.

An App Store Connect WWDC session tonight will discuss new features, including a new App Store Connect API for managing frequently modified data such as users and groups, the ability to easily share links for TestFlight beta testing, simplified team access, and a new REST API for task automation.