Johnny Depp Fans Worry About His Health After Photos Surface Online


Depp - who is on tour with his rock band, Hollywood Vampires - completed the disheveled look with several silver chain necklaces and a variety of bracelets covering up his wrists.

The fans took to social media to say that Depp looked very thin and pale.

In response to the photos, some fans commented that Depp looked "sick", "weak", and "skinny".

Now, recently surfaced pictures of Depp have fans concerned for his health.

Johnny was in Russian Federation recently, when his fans and admirers came to him for a photo and the pics were put up on social media as well by his fans.

Depp posed with fans at a Four Seasons hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia, last week, looking visibly thinner than in previous appearances.

Fans have also taken to Instagram to suggest that the frail look could be for his most recent role in Richard Says Goodbye.

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So fans are looking for other explanations, the Daily Mail said.

Some couldn't even believe that the celebrity in the photo was Depp. In 2017, he filed a lawsuit against the Management Group claiming that the agency defrauded him out of tens of millions of dollars he was owed, Variety reported. Heard accused Depp of domestic abuse, a claim Depp's attorney said in 2016 was an attempt "to secure a premature financial resolution" in the divorce proceedings.

Heard was given a $7million in a divorce settlement after they split.

As THR notes, Depp appears to be in good enough health to be working on several new movies.

However, some speculated that Depp's radical new appearance is for a role.

Depp is now in post-production on City of Lies and Richard Says Goodbye, according to IMDb.