Visa says it is now 'working normally' after service disruption


It turns out Visa is experiencing a network failure, with the company now saying it's investigating the issue. This Visa outage might just be the incident that will put great focus on bitcoin as payment option.

Shop tills and pay-as-you-go terminals at petrol stations would not accept card payments - forcing shoppers to revert to cash. The Foster City, California-based firm handled $7.3 trillion in transactions around the world in 2017, a 40% increase from the year before.

Payment processing company Paymentsense says transactions are starting to go through after a period of disruption but "there is still some intermittency".

Visa added: 'The issue was the result of a hardware failure.

Visa, which handles over 150 million transactions per day, has commented the system failure on Twitter by saying they were now experiencing service disruption across Europe.

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Before then, in north Belfast, shopping trolleys piled high with weekly shopping were ditched by frustrated customers at one Asda store.

"We fell well short of this goal today and we apologise to all of our partners, and most especially, to Visa cardholders. We will keep you updated".

Millions of people were left unable to pay for goods and services across Europe after the unprecedented crash, which began at around 2.30pm. Supermarkets across the United Kingdom went cash-only in response, with the outage lasting into the evening, although Visa debit card users could still withdraw cash from their current accounts via ATMs.

"The technical issue we experienced yesterday has been resolved". Visa confirmed this information. Thankfully it did work at the cash machine, on the side of the bank.