UAE bans fruits from Kerala after Nipah virus outbreak


Chennai: In a bid to dispel rumours and panic among general public over the risky Nipah which claimed 14 lives in Kerala, State Health Minister C Vijayabaskar today said that the virus has not entered Tamilnadu.

Earlier this month, Vij had reportedly said that freedom fighters Bhagat Singh and Lala Lajpat Rai made supreme sacrifice for the country, unlike Nehru and Gandhi, who did not bear even a single stick.

"As we observed that there was disoriented behaviour along with fever, we have admitted the patient and are now conducting detailed medical examination". "It is not clear yet whether it is a Nipah case", The Hindu quoted Rane as saying.

The results would be verified only once test results were back from the National Institute of Virology in Pune.

He added that the future course of action regarding the patient would be decided once the blood sample report arrives.

Till now, 14 people have died due to the virus in Kerala.

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Close to 200 patients in these two districts are being treated in hospitals, with 26 under observation.

A team of doctors from the medicine section comprising Dr Adwi, Dr Anura and Dr Ragoba are examining the patient, who is in a drowsy condition. He too said that there is no need to panic as it is not a confirmed case of Nipah.

According to the World Health Organisation the virus previously spread when victims ate contaminated pork, or palm sap that had been tainted by fruit bats.

The effective steps taken by the government and the health department had helped contain further spread of the disease and the situation is under control now, he said in a meeting of the state Tourism Advisory Committee.

While seeking to dispel fears, the department informed that Nipah Virus which is named after the Nipah River village in Malaysia is a new or emerging disease that can cause disease to human as well as animals.