Ellicott City flooding: How you can help


Other videos showed waves of water rushing through the city's Main Street as it surged as high as six-foot at the height of the flash flooding.

Ellicott City, Maryland, located about 12 miles west of Baltimore, resides in the valley of the Patapsco River, which flows into the Chesapeake Bay.

A Maryland city was devastated late Sunday afternoon after 6-inches of heavy rain caused a downtown flash flood.

Portalli's Italian Restaurant employee Arianna Wilgar said the water had reached the establishment's second floor.

Gov. Larry Hogan (R) declared a state of emergency in Howard County as a major front drenched the Baltimore region, dumping some 7.5 inches of rain on the town in just eight hours.

Just two weeks ago, Hogan announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency had awarded the state and county more than $1 million to pay for projects aimed at reducing the flood risk in areas around Main Street.

The fast moving waters also tore away portions of the street and many storefronts, leaving the quaint shopping district in a shambles.

The Ellicott City Partnership (ECP) has updated their website HelpEllicottCity.com and is accepting donations to help business owners, property owners and residents recover from the flood. Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman said the damage sustained Sunday is worse than what the city saw in 2016.

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After the floodwaters receded, emergency officials had no immediate reports of fatalities or injuries.

At least five roads in Baltimore have been closed due to the flooding.

Footage of Sunday's flash flooding showed water surging around cars and pickup trucks and coursing over the top of their wheels.

The National Weather Service issued a flash flood emergency for the city at 4.40pm.

Significant flash flooding has led to several water rescues.

"They say this is a once every 1000-year flood and we've had two of them in two years", Mr Hogan said, referring to an earlier emergency in 2016.

Officials are urging anyone in the area to seek higher ground and not to drive through flooded roads.

Multiple area fire and rescue crews, including Montgomery and Prince George's Counties, worked to help people stranded in their homes in the area.