Philip Roth Quotes: Trump A 'Boastful Baffoon' And Other Memorable Writings


Author Philip Roth, who was both hailed and derided for laying bare the neuroses and obsessions that haunted the modern Jewish-American experience, has died at the age of 85. The New York Times confirmed the news, citing the author's close friend Judith Thurman.

Roth won almost every coveted award for literature in his incredible career, including the Pulitzer Prize for his 1997 work American Pastoral.

Philip Roth I didn't know what a writer was, but I knew what books were because I would go to the Blanche library in our neighbourhood [of Newark, New Jersey], following the example of my brother, who would come home with half a dozen books.

In addition to American Pastoral, a host of Roth's novels were adapted into films: Portnoy's Complaint starring Richard Benjamin, Karen Black and Lee Grant in 1972; The Human Stain starring Nicole Kidman and Anthony Hopkins in 2003; Elegy starring Penelope Cruz and Ben Kingsley in 2008; The Humbling starring Al Pacino in 2014; and Indignation in 2016.

He also won the Man Booker International Prize and the National Book Award for his work, which drew inspiration from the Jewish experience, American ideals and sex in America. It was a decade later that Roth's most iconic work, Portnoy's Complaint ("an experiment in verbal exuberance", according to Roth), was published.

Roth's best-known work was the 1969 novel 'Portnoy's Complaint, ' a first-person narrative about Alexander Portnoy, a young middle-class Jewish New Yorker.

Roth was born March 19, 1933 in Newark, and was raised in the city's Weequahic neighborhood, wedged between Routes 78 and 22.

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Gunn shared a photo of the cover of Roth's book The Counterlife on Twitter, writing: "RIP Philip Roth".

Roth taught comparative literature, mostly at the University of Pennsylvania.

Some critics said Roth's novels exposed him as a self-hating Jew who played on negative stereotypes or generally cast Jews in a bad light.

Roth also received the Pulitzer Price for fiction for his 1997 book "American Pastoral", which featured his recurring alter ago Nathan Zuckerman.

In 1990, Roth married actress Claire Bloom after seven years of dating. A year later, she published a bruising memoir, 'Leaving a Doll's House, ' in which she portrayed him as depressed, remote, self-centered and verbally abusive.

Following the death of several friends, including novelist Saul Bellow in 2005, Roth wrote 'Everyman, ' a short work of fiction about the physical decline and death of a successful advertising executive.

But in 2017, Roth said Lindbergh's character and Trump were not similar. "I no longer feel this dedication to write what I have experienced my whole life".