Woman detained after feces flinging incident at Langley Tim Hortons


According to the Abbortsford News, surveillance video posted to LiveLeak shows an individual walking into a Tim Hortons casual restaurant in Langley, British Columbia.

As witnesses and the video indicate, the woman picked up several tissues, pulled down her trousers and answered nature's call.

She cleans herself up with some napkins, throws those at the employee as well, and then proceeds to leave. Holly Largy confirmed that officials were called regarding the incident and the woman was arrested and and released.

Plan your next night out, enter contests, and stay connected. She has not yet been charged in the incident, but will have to appear for a court date at some point.

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We are deeply concerned by this video as the safety of our team members and guests is always a top priority for us.

He said the employee used his discretion and denied access to the woman "based on past behavior". Tim Hortons has a policy that allows employees to restrict access to the restroom if the decision is in the best interest of its patrons, the spokesperson said. A woman from Canada can be filed in the latter category, after her recent antics at a local Tim Hortons revealed a downright repugnant assertion of indignation.

Tim Hortons has yet to mention if this incident is making them reconsider their own bathroom policy, but the staff at this particular store is probably wishing they'd given that customer the restroom key after all.

The case is being reviewed to see if charges will be laid by the B.C. Prosecution Service.