Nikki Bella Responds To Speculation That John Cena Breakup Is A Work


"John and I, we absolutely love each other and we care about each other a lot", she continued.

As we reported, the two haven't just been speaking through the press... they've been communicating privately, too! I think when you sacrifice for so long, it's like, you can give so much and then you kind of get exhausted of giving.

On Thursday, Nikki suggested that she doesn't want to have any doubts before walking down the aisle: "A lot of people get married for publicity. I want to do what my heart says".

The clip also features a hilarious moment when John awkwardly tells Nikki's family that it's OK to wear shoes in the house despite what Brie describes as his "OCD".

Cena's latest comments come after another round of TV interviews on Wednesday for Bella. "I just know that a healthy me would be a healthy us, and I do have hope for a future, but I know right now I need to work on me".

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Meanwhile, Cena has openly said in interviews that he wants to still be with Nikki while she has responded and noted that perhaps "time" will cure their relationship woes and get them back together.

"I literally was in the middle of the red carpet for the NBCUniversal Upfront and got the breaking news". He's such a sweetheart and I truly love him so much.

"John is absolutely an incredible man, he's such a sweetheart, and I truly love him so much. He's my best friend", she said. Everyone's been through a breakup and think of how we feel. I just know that a healthy me will be a healthy us. "So, mine has just been blown up and people also are telling me I'm faking it". The conflict over children has raised issues in her head about the relationship.

Twin sister Brie who is a mother to a one-year-old Birdie said, "And it's really special when you see the person you love, that you created this".