Lawyer berates restaurant workers for speaking Spanish - then the internet takes over


Schlossberg has at least four other cases pending in the state civil court system, records show - three of them for film producer and real estate investor Todd Courtney.

A New York City mariachi band will be taking over the law office of a white attorney who insulted two Spanish-speaking women restaurant workers.

And this is not the first time Schlossberg has engaged in such behavior.

Summary: A NY lawyer went viral for all the wrong reasons when he freaked out on Spanish speakers at a lunch spot.

Schlossberg then said he didn't believe the Spanish-speaking employees were documented.

On his way out of the restaurant, the man spins and faces the restaurant employee again and accuses him of hiring undocumented workers. "I pay for their ability to be here".

Global News has reached out to Aaron Schlossberg for comment. She told CBS News they befriended one of the workers there and often interact with him in English and Spanish. "If you're running a place in midtown Manhattan, the people should be speaking English, not Spanish". "I'm gonna call the police because now I feel threatened, '" she said.

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At one point, Schlossberg slows and pivots around, jogging backward to make sure he's a safe question-asking distance away from reporters.

The clip shows Aaron Schlossberg scolding two employees of a NY deli on Wednesday for communicating in Spanish during a lunch hour rush at the Fresh Kitchen restaurant on Madison Ave. Many Twitter users posted information for the New York State Bar Association and urged followers to file complaints.

The man's rant at an eatery in Midtown appeared online on Tuesday and has since gone viral. "They're yelling, they're claiming things that aren't true", Schlossberg said on the phone in a video captured by the New York Daily News. "Defaming me. I can't even move, because they're blocking me".

"This business recently made waves in the news, which often means that people come to this page to post their views on the news", Yelp's statement read in part. A NY congressman sent a grievance to the state court system asking for an investigation which could result in Schlossberg losing his law license.

On Thursday morning, the attorney was wearing a black ski hat and donning a massive umbrella as he faced a barrage of reporters outside his office.

And reviewers on Google suggested his law firm be identified as a "Mexican restaurant".

Videos have also surfaced of him making other racially charged and insensitive remarks in the past.