IPhone X 'Tesla' Costs $4500 and Comes with a Self-Charging Solar Panel


Exclusive iPhone X dedicated to the launch of the auto from Tesla in space.

But Caviar, a company in Russian Federation, has jumped ahead of both companies by announcing the sale of their new "iPhone X Tesla" that can be charged entirely with sunlight, according to a recent press release. The phone will still have IP67 resistance to water and dust. It will be the only version that has the words "Made on Earth by humans" in honor of Musk's own marketing stunt earlier this year when he launched a Tesla Roadster into space on the back of Space X's Falcon Heavy rocket.

Adding solar panels to the iPhone X certainly changes the look of the phone.

The smartphone is significantly thicker than its iPhone X counterpart, coming in at a whopping 16.2mm thickness, as opposed to the 7.7mm size of the average Apple device.

The Plan includes a carbon foundation with gold decorative components and a battery charge indicator. It will be a limited run with 999 units, where it was originally planned for 99 units but apparently there was a greater demand than expected during development.

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Unlike Caviar's other products, the iPhone X Tesla isn't just an iPhone case, it's a case that's pre-attached to an iPhone.

You'll be pleased to know that to create the case, Caviar's engineers carried out more than 100 tests "proving the effectiveness and safety of this system", though unfortunately details regarding power specifications aren't shown on the product's page.

The company says they are inspired by "three men of science", consisting of Nikola Tesla, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and Musk.

A 64 GB model costs the equivalent of $4,500 (284,000 ₽ excluding taxes and duties) while a 256GB model will set you back around $4,800 (299,000 ₽ ).