Air Force Apologizes for Tweet Linking Deadly Battle to Internet Meme


The message was published at 8:44 Washington on the main Air Force account, ostensibly to draw attention to the USA military response to an attack on the Afghan city of Farah. "Afghan A29's and MI-17's conducted multiple airstrikes during the Afghan-led offensive in Farah".

The offending tweet, which has since been removed.

"As with any other organization, the post was an attempt to bring awareness to a major/ongoing organizational activity by tying it to references or conversations already trending with their established audiences", said Lieutenant Colonel Kone Faulkner.

Is there something wrong with me if I only hear Yanny and not Laurel?

As if the internet wasn't already enough of a divisive hellscape, an audio clip emerged online earlier this week, splitting public opinion in a way not seen since the "What colour is this dress?" scandal of 2015. Next time get a perspective from the folks who carried out the missions.

The Air Force Tweet came up in the weekly Pentagon briefing when Dana White, the Pentagon's chief spokesperson, was asked whether jokes should be made about a battle in which friendly forces were killed. For instance, U.S. Pacific Command has tweeted pictures of the nuclear-capable B-52 bomber when it takes part in joint military exercises with South Korea.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

The U.S. military has provided air support with A-10 attack aircraft and drones.

Trump says his tough language and threats, along with expanded sanctions, helped persuade Pyongyang to participate in upcoming nuclear negotiations with the U.S.

The defense ministry initially denied any civilians had been hurt, then claimed the Taliban had shot them.

The April 2 airstrike on a ceremony attended by hundreds of men and boys in Dasht-e-Archi district-a Taliban stronghold in the northern province of Kunduz-left at least 36 people dead including 30 children, a United Nations investigation has shown.

The apology tweet added that the Air Force is "addressing internally" and noted the post has been removed. "So you usually don't spike the ball in the end zone".

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