Vaping turns deadly as exploding pen launches projectile into Florida man's head


The Tampa Bay Times have reported that Mr D'Elia was discovered by firefighters in the burning bedroom of his family home.

D'Elia also suffered burns to 80 per cent of his body, the ABC News reports, after the explosion caused a fire in his house.

The case is the first death determined to be caused by an e-cigarette in the US, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which had previously recorded no deaths related to e-cigarette-caused fires or explosions.

The "mod"-type pen, distributed by Smok-E Mountain, is manufactured in the Philippines, according to a company Facebook page, the Times reported".

The official cause of death was "projectile wound of head" and it was ruled an accident. It still remains unclear as to what prompted the pen to combust in the first place; however, shoddy manufacturing may be an option.

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The man was also burned over 80 percent of his body.

Tallmadge D'Elia, who reportedly worked as a technical supervisor at CNBC in New Jersey, was only thirty-eight (38) years old.

According to FEMA, the 38-year-old's death is the first in the US to be caused by an e-cigarette. But there were no recorded deaths in the study's period. Aligning with Smoke-E Mountain's statement, the report indicates that the incidents are largely related to the lithium-ion batteries that are typically used in the products. The agency and the CDC recommend using vape pens with safety features, including those created to prevent battery overheating, and keeping batteries away from metal objects like coins and keys.

An autopsy report said that a fragment penetrated his skull and became lodged in his brain.

A report by the US Fire Administration said more than 195 electronic cigarettes exploded or caught fire between 2009 and 2016. Before then, a New Yorker suffered third-degree burns after the device exploded in his trousers, the Times reported.