Primary Election Day in Oregon


The Deadline to register to vote in this election is Monday, May 21, 2018.

The polls are open here in Butler County (and statewide) until 8 p.m.

- You need to bring a photo ID (such as an Idaho driver's license or a passport) to vote, or be willing to sign a personal identification affidavit.

Some of the big races include United States senate and house, and the governor's race. Numerous races feature crowded, hotly contested primaries.

Turnout tends to be low in midterm primary elections such as this one, when there are no presidential nominations at stake, although Benton County voters will have a say in the contested Democratic and Republican primaries for the 4th and 5th congressional districts, depending on what part of the county they're in. You can find your polling place here if you are unsure. Registered voters are eligible to vote for all candidates regardless of party affiliation.

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Democrats have high hopes for the OR primary, being only one seat away from a three-fifths majority in both the state House and Senate.

- Unaffiliated, non partisan ballots are also available, and will feature only nonpartisan issues and races, such as local levy issues or questions about retaining judges.

Dunagan said any person who has submitted a voter registration application and who has not received a response within 30 days should contact the County Election Board office.

A complete list of all the candidates running for election can be seen here.

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