Marvel 'has plans' for first Muslim American superhero character


Marvel may soon produce a film with a female Muslim superhero called Ms. Marvel, the president of Marvel Studios hinted in an interview with the BBC.

Ms Marvel's character was created by G. Willow Wilson and Ian Herring. Ms Marvel aka Kamala Khan, was introduced into the Marvel comics in 2013 and she's Marvel's first muslim superhero. "Definitely, sort of in the works" doesn't fill you with hope of ever seeing Ms. Marvel on the big screen.

Marvel is now in the midst of shooting Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson and will move onto introducing the teenage-superhero from New Jersey.

Since the announcement the internet has been sent into meltdown with comic book fans speculating over who should play the teen icon.

Chopra, 35, is already the voice behind Ms Marvel in the Avengers Academy mobile game making her a likely candidate for the role, some fans have argued.

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Adding further to it Marvel revealed, "We have plans for that once we've introduced Captain Marvel to the world".

But we all know that's just not the case, and if the movie is good, the audience will be there-Black Panther and Wonder Woman have proven that well enough, if there were any lingering doubts. The best we have is Karan Soni playing Dopinder in Deadpool (which is not even MCU). Miss Marvel, a teenage-superhero from New Jersey has her own solo series, which is quite popular among the masses.

As to who will play the character, the abovementioned publication says that "Quantico" star Priyanka Chopra is a shoo-in for the role - and many fans seem to be on board with the idea.

Avengers Infinity War producer Kevin Feige told the media that, "Ms. Marvel... is definitely sort of in the works". Kamala was a Pakistani teenager from New Jersey who has shape-shifting abilities.