EU's Barnier: No big progress on Brexit since March


Less than a year ahead of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, or Brexit day in March 2019, the EU's top negotiator Michel Barnier has revealed that there has been "little, or very little" progress in talks about the conditions for the United Kingdom to leave.

Mr Coveney seemed keen to dispel recent media suggestions that Ireland may be willing to soft-pedal on the thorny backstop issue at the June summit if the United Kingdom is able beforehand to bring forward viable proposals on an alternative "customs partnership" or what he calls a "shared customs space".

To maintain engagement with the European Union on wider security and defence, Britain should seek to negotiate observer status in the EU's planning and decision-making bodies, committee Chair Baroness Verma said in a statement.

According to Zakharieva, "substantive progress" needs to be achieved on Ireland, governance, and all remaining separation issues by next month.

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Brussels has set the tight timeline so that a full divorce agreement can be tabled by October, to give the European and British parliaments time to ratify it by the day Britain leaves the bloc on March 29, 2019.

Ireland and the Commission have been demonstrating a new willingness to explore what is reported to be the British prime minister's preferred option, a customs partnership, of which they are sceptical.

The European Union has urged Britain to agree on a resolution for the Irish border - a major point of contention in Brexit negotiations - by a summit with EU heads of government on June 28th-29th. It would make a lot of other problems that are hard to solve right now... "We have had first exploratory discussions", he said.

"Now we need to make significant progress, but that never happens - admitted Mouth".