Elon Musk: Tesla Autopilot system 'prevented severe injury' in 60mph crash


Witnesses said the vehicle "did not brake or take any action to avoid the collision" but the driver has since admitted to police that she had been looking at her phone prior to the collision.

Witnesses said the Tesla did not brake prior to impact.

Tesla's chief executive Elon Musk has told staff the firm is undergoing a "thorough reorganisation" after two of its cars were involved in crashes last week.

The tech tycoon went on to praise the safety of the Model S, saying that it was "amazing" the driver only broke her ankle in the accident and that "an impact at that speed usually results in severe injury or death". [L5N1SL7R8] It was the latest accident involving a Tesla. "What's actually incredible about this accident is that a Model S hit a fire truck at 60 miles per hour and the driver only broke an ankle".

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace and the thought of self-driving cars slowly starts to become a reality, consumers are leery of giving up total control of the wheel. Apparently, you can even summon the vehicle to you! Following the accident, and much consumer outcry over the safety of autonomous vehicles, Uber and Waymo advocated to have legislation passed that would quickly expand self-driving vehicle testing.

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The accident is another in a series of issues that have plagued the company from Palo Alto, California, including a dust-up with the National Transportation Safety Board over the handling of data related to an investigation into a March 23 fatal accident involving a Tesla Model X in Mountain View, California.

Police in southern Switzerland say they are investigating the death of a German man after a Tesla vehicle he was driving crashed into a guardrail and burst into flames last week. Waymo, Alphabet Inc's self-driving unit, said on Sunday that Matthew Schwall had joined from Tesla, where he was its main technical contact with USA safety investigators. Two 18-year-olds were trapped in the vehicle and died in the flames.

Tesla co-founder Elon Musk has slammed recent coverage of a road traffic collision involving one of his company's electric vehicles, which was reportedly on autopilot mode.

Two teenagers died and a third was injured after a Tesla they were travelling was involved in a single auto collision last Tuesday night.

On 2 May a USA traffic safety regulator contradicted Tesla's claim that the agency had found that its Autopilot technology significantly reduced crashes. But fears that the former system might not work with drivers of different heights, along with concerns over camera and sensor costs, led to the plans being abandoned, according to the Journal's sources. "Eyetracking rejected for being ineffective, not for cost", Musk tweeted.