Boston Dynamics' SpotMini robot is slated to go on sale in 2019


Given a shout-out by Amazon chief Jeff Bezos early this year when he posted a picture of himself striding alongside a canine cyborg, SpotMini is small four-legged nimble robot that can handle objects, climb stairs and operate in an office setting. History of Boston Robotics Boston Dynamics is a United States engineering and robotics design company founded in 1992 by Marc Raibert and has headquarters in Waltham Massachusetts. Atlas, the name given to this particular robot, can be seen jogging through a park before jumping over a log easily in a new video.

"SpotMini in pre-production now", said Raibert. Raibert thinks that wheeled platforms can only go so far and that legs are the answer to most human environments.

The company's founder, Marc Raibert, announced at a TechCrunch event last Friday in California that the dog-like robot, which will be able to perform office and household tasks, will be commercially available in 2019. Weighing just 30 kg, this battery-powered robot can carry payloads that measure half its weight on the scale and go 90 minutes on a single charge. While there's no word yet on price, the company has said that the SpotMini prototype was 10 times less expensive than its older sibling. "There's a lot of factors that make this successful as a product, and we're working on all of those".

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Boston Dynamics said the company has plans with contract manufacturers to produce the first 100 SpotMinis later this year for "commercial purposes".

The video demonstrates what this can look like from the machine's point of view; it showed an internal map of the SpotMini navigating from one point to the next, fully aware it needed to turn a corner.

The most recent SpotMini design appears to incorporate sensors on the front and sides of its main body that help it understand its environment. "We're also looking at construction".