WWE Announces Ronda Rousey's Opponent For Money In The Bank PPV


Rousey has been teaming with Natalya and will face Mickie James on WWE's imminent European tour, so it appeared that we would potentially see that story unfold on television in the near future.

Jax is the current Raw women's champion, beating Alexa Bliss for the belt at WrestleMania.

Jax made the challenge to Rousey at a WWE media appearance at Radio City Hall in NY, and it was accepted by the former UFC champion.

Ronda Rousey will receive her first Raw Women's Championship match next month at Money in the Bank, it has been confirmed today. You can read what WWE.com itself had to say about the match posted down below. Rousey first turned Jax down and said other people are more deserving but Jax said she's not anxious about them, she's challenging Rousey.

This comes as a shock to many who thought WWE may hold off on a Rousey title run until WrestleMania 35 next year, after taking time to build "The Baddest Woman on the Planet". The match was made after Jax challenged Rousey during a joint E! News on the red carpet. News. "I happily oblige respectfully, so I can sit next to her".

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Jax added, "We can still get along for now, but once we get in the ring, it's over. All bets are off, right?"

While Rousey is new to the sport, her mixed martial arts background makes her fun to watch in the ring, potentially creating an exciting battle at the next big PPV. We all have the same goals.

I've never been in a ring with somebody like Ronda.

It's safe to speculate there are other motivations for capitalizing on Rousey's star power and abruptly putting her in such a high-profile match - one that will have to be carefully crafted for both babyfaces to come out looking strong.

The upcoming pay-per-view is set for Sunday, June 17, in Chicago.