Rauner unveils plan on gun control and partial death penalty re-instatement


Nineteen states have abolished the death penalty, and IL is among the seven that have done so since 2007, according to the Death Penalty Information Center, which tracks capital punishment. IL had executed 12 people in the decades since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated capital punishment in 1976, but 13 people had been freed because of questions about their guilt.

"Both of those I think are good [messages]", said Sen.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is asking the Illinois General Assembly to reinstate the death penalty for mass murderers and those who kill law enforcement officers.

"If he had wanted it for everyone, I would have disagreed with the principle, but when he puts police lives [as] more valuable than the black and brown children dying everyday then perhaps Gov. Rauner should be charged with a hate crime!"

Gov. Bruce Rauner proposed Monday reestablishing the loss of life penalty in IL for sure violent criminals.

Lawmakers will have to approve these proposals for them to take effect.

Brady was among the lawmakers who voted in favor of the original gun bill sent to the governor, which Rauner on Monday used his amendatory veto authority to alter.

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"These individuals who commit mass murder, who choose to murder a law enforcement officer, they deserve to have their life taken". Rauner's veto create a 72-hour waiting period for all gun purchases.

Nebraska recently came close to abolishing the death penalty before reversing course. Rauner narrowly defeated a primary challenge from the right by Jeanne Ives, and he may never win those Republicans back on the issue of opposition to abortion, given his support for expanded abortion funding. Death penalty murder suspects would have to be convicted by juries "beyond all doubt" - not just 'beyond a reasonable doubt'.

IL senator Dave Koehler says he believes Rauner's announcement is a tactic used to kill the gun bill as a whole. In his address Monday, the governor credited work by House Republicans on a public safety task force that included Brady, who indicated support for numerous governor's proposals.

Extend the 72 hour waiting period for delivery of all gun purchases in the state.

Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie (D), the House majority leader, dismissed Rauner's call to reinstate the death penalty with a brief statement Monday. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel backed the measure. "Suggesting a return to this failed policy is particularly disappointing from a Governor who has proclaimed that the concept of redemption must be a critical part of criminal justice reforms".

Rauner on Monday alluded to the concerns his predecessors had regarding innocent people being sentenced to death at trial.

"We are intent on avoiding wrongful convictions and the injustice of inconsistency", he said. "There are plenty of cases where there's no doubt whose guilty and they deserve to give up their life when they take the life of a police officer who are our heroes or they take the life of many people".