Pakistani Authorities Bar US Envoy Involved In Mishap From Leaving Country


A U.S. diplomat, who killed a Pakistani motorcyclist in a road accident last month, has left the country amidst controversy over his immunity from prosecution.

Richard Snelsire, a spokesman for the U.S embassy in Islamabad, did not wish to comment when contacted by Anadolu Agency. It was added that the local police have handed over all relevant record to the USA officials.

The Pakistan government reportedly took the decision to allow Hall to leave the country after the U.S. government assured that Colonel Hall will be tried under USA laws, diplomatic sources were quoted as saying by Dawn News.

A State Department spokesperson told Reuters that the diplomat who was involved in the April 7 crash in Islamabad has departed the country.

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He was reportedly sloshed while driving the white Land Cruiser involved in the accident. As a result, two riders of the motorcycle had suffered injuries, and one of them, 22-year-old Ateeq Baig, had later expired from the trauma.

Hall was let go by the Islamabad police in line with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961 which gives diplomat immunity from criminal prosecution. Sources told media that the USA government had refused to exempt Joseph from the diplomatic immunity.

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on May 11, on a petition filed by the deceased's father, had ruled that the USA diplomat does not have absolute immunity in the country.

Last Friday, Pakistan had imposed travel restrictions on American diplomats in Pakistani cities in response to the United States imposing travel restrictions on Pakistani diplomats.